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In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the PA profession this year, NCCPA and the nccPA Health Foundation are spotlighting 50 PAs who are making a difference today. These PAs exemplify the many ways the more than 115,500 Certified PAs demonstrate their passion for delivering high quality health care, promoting wellness, and saving and changing lives. 


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Celebrating Daniel Milano, PA-C

Nominated by: Jessica Troy, PA-C, Surgical PA
PA Program: Barry University Class of 2003
Employer: White Plains Hospital
Practice Area:  Administration

How Certified PA Daniel Milano makes a difference…

With experience in spine surgery, Daniel (Danny) Milano joined the staff of White Plains Hospital 5 years ago to work with an orthopedic spine surgeon and integrate PAs into the hospital model. Initially he hired two other orthopedic PAs to work with inpatient orthopedic patients and four PAs to work with orthopedic surgeons in the outpatient offices and operating room. That was an unqualified success.

Having proved the PA model for orthopedic services, he brought a proposal to administration using quality metrics and cost analysis to expand coverage to all nine surgical sub-specialties within the hospital. Once he got the green light, Milano hired both PAs and NPs to provide this extensive coverage.

“Danny has a methodical approach, which has allowed the integration of PAs in the hospital to grow, and we continue to grow today under his direction,” says Jessica Troy, PA-C.

With the surgical specialty areas such a success, Milano then took on the ICU and CCU units, developing a 24/7 PA infrastructure for the hospital which has allowed him to hire seven additional PAs for both ICU and CCU units.

As Milano’s role has grown at the hospital, he spends much of his time now working in administration. He has spent countless hours mining through data and writing proposals to prove the value of PAs at the hospital. He also serves on many administration boards and committees to learn how both PAs and NPs can best be utilized to improve patient care. 


Milano has worked tirelessly to broaden the utilization of PAs at White Plains Hospital. Because of his efforts, the hospital has seen improved patient outcomes, patient satisfaction, and shorter patient stays.

Everything that he does at work is focused on growing the PA profession and providing the highest level of care for patients. Milano says he is “consistently looking for more ways to meet the needs of patient care and utilize PAs to match that demand.”

His feels his biggest impact is “equipping the hospital with cost effective providers that provide high quality, evidence-based care.”

For proving the case for PA care and integrating PAs throughout White Plains Hospital, NCCPA salutes Danny Milano!


NCCPA is dedicated to serving the interest of the public. We do so with a passionate belief that certified PAs are essential members of the health care delivery team who provide millions access to more affordable, high quality health care.

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