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Supporting ImageUTMB PA Students Create Superhero HideoutThirty PA students encouraged children and families at the Ronald McDonald House in Galveston, Texas, by creating a Superhero Hideout with a Be the CHANGE grant.

Supporting ImageCertified PAs Promote Health EquityLearn how PAs nationally are leading the change to promote health equity through targeted initiatives –including a focus on oral health. Then, learn about grant opportunities to lead your own initiative at www.nccpa.net/grant-opportunities.

Supporting ImageWatch the video on certified PA Brett FeldmanCertified PA Brett Feldman believes everybody matters so he practices “street medicine” taking care of the most underserved patients.Watch Video
Supporting ImageFor PatientsCertified PAs not only treat illness and injury; they also educate you on prevention and wellness to equip you to manage your health, get well and stay well.

Supporting ImageFor EmployersCertified PAs can help you manage the increasing number of patients and the growing demand for services in every specialty and clinical setting.


NCCPA is dedicated to serving the interest of the public. We do so with a passionate belief that certified PAs are essential members of the health care delivery team who provide millions access to more affordable, high quality health care.

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