Ambreen Nadeem, PA-C

Ambreen Nadeem was nominated by numerous peers and patients – for good reason. The common theme among them is she truly does have a positive impact on anyone that she comes across, patients and peers alike. Nadeem works for InHouse Physicians, a part-time work-site clinic in a manufacturing building, where the patient population historically has not sought health care services often. She sees numerous patients a day but makes sure each one understands what preventive care means, not only for themselves - but also for their families. Nadeem says that she keeps in mind that each patient is “someone’s mother, father, brother, sister, etc.”. She makes it a point to get to know each patient personally and finds any way possible to decrease barriers for them to receive quality care. She also goes above and beyond by finding them a PCP or specialist if they do not already have one, so that long term they have a plan for treatment and ongoing medical care.

“At our organization, the term above and beyond is synonymous with Ambreen Nadeem's work ethics. Her compassionate care, guidance and ability to connect and educate her patients, have changed patients' lives,” says her supervisor, Umer Nasim, MD.

Not only does Nadeem see hundreds of patients in the clinical setting, she also makes time to teach “Mindful Eating” classes. Through these classes she helps participants achieve their long term health goals, whether those goals are weight loss, blood pressure management, becoming more fit or glucose control.

Nadeem’s dedication does not end at her own clinic. She has been known to mentor new PAs so they can be successful in their clinics as well. She also loves to teach and has had several pre-PA students shadow her in practice over the past 5 years.


Not even a full year into Nadeem’s position, the clinic became so busy they had to open an additional day. This was directly due to her commitment to serving her patients.

“Ambreen Nadeem is not only the most thorough and knowledgeable PA I have ever had the pleasure of working for, she lives to change patients’ lives every single day,” says co-worker Daneisha Brown, CCMA.

She equips patients to take better care of themselves by taking the time to sit with a them and discuss their needs thoroughly. Her patients are more aware of what is needed to improve their health and she gives them the tools and education to do so. Nadeem feels her greatest impact is helping her patients “understand their health”.