Anthony Gauthier, PA-C

Anthony Gauthier’s autumn weekends often start at a local high school under Friday night lights and continue on Saturdays at the local junior college.

As a certified PA working in sports medicine, he and his collaborating physician volunteer to cover home football games in Long Beach, California, taking turns as the on-site medical provider. Long Beach is known for top-caliber athletes and Gauthier, who has been covering football teams for eight years, has watched some of these football players turn pro.

Gauthier has always been involved in sports medicine, starting out as an athletic trainer before attending Western University of Health Sciences PA Program. His PA education included a clinical rotation with an orthopaedic group in Long Beach, that would later hire him after graduating in 2008.

“After two years of working with them in sports medicine, they asked me to work with the football programs and I have been doing it ever since," he said. "I help with the player’s sports physicals in the pre-season and the athletic trainers will call me with questions during the season.”

Although it consumes a chunk of valuable weekend time, especially now that he is married and has a 5-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter, Gauthier still enjoys it.

“The most rewarding part is I see the full cycle," he said. 

"I will watch a play and see an athlete go down. I am the first responder, doing an initial evaluation on the field. For a common injury like a torn ACL, I follow up with an office visit on Monday, evaluate the athlete and order an MRI scan to confirm the diagnosis. I then get to assist in the surgery, as well as see the player post-op, help direct physical therapy through rehab and then watch him plan the next season. It is gratifying to see them come back.”

Gauthier likes working with students, and does community outreach by mentoring aspiring PAs, speaking at Pre-PA clubs and letting them shadow him.