Dan Frazee, PA-C

PA-C Dan Frazee’s friends joke that he has attention deficit disorder because he is constantly in motion.

“I think that is I why I have been successful in practice and business—because I can multitask and enjoy doing multiple things,” he says. “That is what PAs do. We change fields, we diagnose and treat every type of patient. Today more than ever, PAs push the envelope, and this is where we really thrive.”

Pushing the envelope has led Frazee to the consulting industry where, as founder of Bluestone Healthcare Services, he provides services for veterans and recommendations to hospitals, physicians and industry.

His background includes 10 years working as a Certified PA in primary care, urgent care and emergency medicine, where multitasking is a must. He has taught at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science PA Program and through Medicus published the article “Cost Savings Using Advanced Practitioner Model in Urgent Care.”

While practicing, Frazee moved into business and administrative roles. He co-founded a multiple provider practice, and later became director of medical affairs for a group of urgent care/occupational medicine practices throughout southern New Hampshire.

During this time, he developed his own leadership and mentorship skills and opened his consulting business three years ago. Today, Frazee works part time at the VA in Boston performing compensation and pension exams — medical evaluations that allow veterans to connect to the services they need. “There is a backlog and so my business increases access to care for these veterans,” he says.

The other part of his business includes advocating with his clients to expand roles for PAs in both practice and administration and encouraging PAs to push for those positions.

“I hear about under-utilization of PAs, and I have seen it firsthand,” Frazee says. “For example I was director of medical affairs in a group of primarily physician dominant practices with a lack of understanding of the financial benefits and quality care a trained, highly efficient PA can bring to the team. I restructured it in a way that healthcare remained at a very high level of quality but profits improved.”

Bluestone Healthcare Services consults in the areas of patient access, office efficiency and provider retention, all ways to decrease operational costs while promoting high quality care. This includes developing policies and procedures to maximize staff efficiency from onboarding to day to day utilization.

Frazee is also looking out for the next generation of PAs. “We offer seminars for graduating PAs on market analysis, salary and bonus structures and contract negotiation, trying to help them get the best start possible,” he says.


“It has been a continuing education to explain what Certified PAs bring to the table, clinically and administratively,” Frazee says. “My passion is to advance PAs in leadership and unlock what we can do for patients, physicians and healthcare systems. I am hoping there is an evolution and OTP (optimal team practice) is a great start to be able to do that. I tell people we are not planting a new flagpole; we are extending the existing one. We are extending the ability of PAs to care for more patients. We are educated in the medical model, and thus a collaborative relationship with physicians rather than a supervisory approach makes sense.”

Dr. Michael Edwards, who has known Frazee for seven years as his supervisor, colleague and friend, supports him enthusiastically, saying: “Dan compliments his strong clinical acumen with an entrepreneurial spirit that pushes his own career beyond barriers others in his profession have not thought to breach.”.