Dental hygienist Donna Kautz started seeing a dermatologist 19 years ago for a routine skin issue. When she had trouble getting timely appointments, she began to see Certified PA Anjana Patel. Right away, she was impressed with the treatment she received.

“Anjana has a way with patients from the time she walks in the room,” says Kautz. “She is very professional and uses her time effectively so that I feel she spends more time with me. She asks about my family and my life, but at the same time she is doing a full body check.”

Twice in the last four years Patel has diagnosed Kautz with a Stage 1 melanoma. The first one was in her hairline above her left eye and had to be removed by a surgeon. 

This year Patel found a melanoma on her arm, right before Kautz was due to go to Hawaii with the dentist and other hygienists she works with to complete continuing medical education (CME).

“I thought I would have to cancel my trip, but Anjana was reassuring and encouraged me to go,” she says. “She was able to remove this melanoma, gave me her cell number, and called the next day to see how I was doing. 

“Anjana removed the sutures and developed a treatment plan that included taking a supplement, applying sunscreen and using a wrap guard when in the water. I ended up being able to enjoy the trip.”

On a less serious note, Kautz also had a rash which was misdiagnosed by another medical provider as shingles.  Patel was able to identify the cause and advised her to stay away from dyes and certain detergents.

“Medically she does a great job because she is very detailed,” says Kautz. “She goes the extra mile to understand and put you at ease.

“I trust her 100%.  I am confident in her care and do everything she tells me to do. If something is wrong, she finds it. If it must be cut out, it gets cut out — and I go back to focusing on my work and my life.  I don’t lose sleep over it because she knows what she is doing.”

Kautz is not treated by any other PAs, but because of this experience says, “I would see another PA in a heartbeat. I did not realize all that they do. I now know that PAs must earn substantial CME credits and have to pass assessments every 10 years to remain certified.  This reassures me that I am in good hands.”