Kim Baker, PA-C

Kim Baker, PA-C, has distinguished herself as a leader in both clinical and administrative areas and “has raised the bar for what it means to be a PA within our health system,” says Deanna Bridge Najera, PA-C, who works in the emergency department at the hospital where Baker works in hospital medicine. Because of Baker’s exemplary record in patient care and strong reputation among her colleagues, she was entrusted with the responsibility to start up an observation unit at the hospital to receive patients from the emergency department for treatment and observation before discharge or transfer to inpatient care. In her new role, Baker requested one dedicated hospitalist be scheduled to monitor patients in this observation unit every day. The benefits were immediate and impressive: after just one month, the length of stay for these patients decreased by an average of eight hours, and the percentage of patients that were being transferred to inpatient care decreased by 10%.

Baker continues to “provide high level, evidence-based medical care in a way that is rewarding for the patients, colleagues, and staff that interact with her,” says Drew White, MD, chief of staff. In addition to her role as director of adult hospitalist services, she serves on numerous hospital committees, and is heavily relied on for input into administrative and clinical care decisions at the hospital. With her increasing responsibilities in administrative roles, Baker still maintains a strong desire to practice clinically. She not only appreciates the opportunity to interact with patients and help make a difference in their lives, she believes it is “critical to practice clinically to understand the needs of the patients, as well as the providers, to find ways to improve the delivery of care.” Dr. White recognizes Baker as “an outstanding representative for the PA profession” as well as “a role model for other PAs who might similarly aspire to take on significant responsibilities in their healthcare setting.”