Krisi Gindlesperger, PA-C

Krisi Gindlesperger, PA-C, sits at the forefront of emergency medicine PAs, holding senior-level positons on several PA and specialty boards, and chartering educational programs that impact not only Certified PAs, but also other advanced care providers.

Gindlesperger’s passion for the specialty formed on the pure adrenaline of working in a fast-paced emergency department. She enjoys the unpredictable nature of facing a variety of problems and patients, and treating a span of acuity, and sometimes life-threatening, medical problems. For seven years, she’s brought this passion for emergency medicine to US Acute Care Solutions (USACS), a national leader in the delivery of acute care services. In addition to caring for patients, she has developed educational programs to improve quality care issues for her fellow EMPAs. This included leading a team that developed the Advanced Practice Provider (APP) Academy, a two-year onboarding program that ensures EM APPs are prepared to provide equal levels of high-quality care to all USACS’s patients. As a clinician willing to embrace greater responsibilities, she has served in a number of leadership roles.

In her past role as SEMPA President, she worked closely with professional organizations on issues surrounding practice laws, scope of practice, advocacy and education, among other opportunities for collaboration. In 2016, she co-chaired the APP Interface Committee of the National Clinical Governance Board of USACS. In this capacity, she helped to develop and establish a comprehensive National APP program for the company. Shortly thereafter, she was named, Vice President, National Director of Advanced Practice Providers for USACS where she oversees a growing network of over 1,000 APPs and the delivery of emergency medicine services throughout the country.

“I’m so passionate about our profession and leadership development,” Gindlesperger said. “I want to be part of moving the company forward and watching people grow in their clinical and administrative skills. I thrive on leadership and want to see all the people leading work to their highest potential.”

Gindlesperger is a full time administrator, while continuing to practice clinically a few shifts per month. She juggles her commitments to serve two communities: patients and professionals.

“I went into medicine to care for patients so even though I don’t practice clinically full-time, I do it as often as possible,” she said. “If I can draw on clinical experience, it also makes my contributions as a leader more relevant.”

Brian Horgan, PA-C, a colleague says, “Krisi has worked diligently during her career to make a difference for her patients, her colleagues, and her profession. She has aspired to the highest levels of achievement in every aspect of her career. She is an outstanding example of what the PA profession is all about and she clearly embodies the best of what it is to be a Certified PA.”

Gindlesperger is highly regarded for creating a thriving and rewarding work environment for PAs under her direction through educational and professional development opportunities. She enjoys serving her community of professionals, and treasures the opportunity to improve the health of patients and the profession she loves.

“Krisi is passionate about every aspect of her career, but more than that, she is a great person,” said Horgan.“She is a caring, likable and a fun-spirited individual who works well with everyone. She is admired, loved and valued by both patients and colleagues alike.”