Patricia Castillo, PA-C

Patty Castillo, PA-C, is a seasoned clinician who, as an occupational health provider, serves employees at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in Hudson Valley, New York. In this role, she cares for the safety and wellness of caregivers who care for our American heroes.

Castillo’s range of clinical practice covers internal medicine, mental health, substance abuse care and occupational medicine. She has served on national VA workgroups designed to improve processes in occupational medicine. She promotes increasing employee influenza vaccination, workplace wellness programs, workplace safety improvement processes, and "mindfulness training" for clinical staff and other caregivers. She recently gave a presentation at the Veterans Caucus about "mindfulness" as an intervention for those who suffer from "compassion fatigue" —from their stressful work with veterans suffering from the visible and invisible wounds of war.

According to Associate Chief of Staff, Dr. Felix Kunjukutty, “Patricia’s knowledge, experience and dedication are great assets. She has brought the occupational health department to a new level. Her grasp of established occupational health rules and regulations safeguard our employees, serves as a resource to staff and ensures streamlined processes. In addition, her understanding of military culture helps her to relate to Veteran employees and whole heartedly embrace the VA ICARE values. She brings efficiency to the team and compassion to those she serves. Working with employees like Mrs. Castillo, motivates you to develop as a supervisor and provider.”

Several national organizations are also benefiting from Castillo’s experience. She serves on the board of directors for PAs for Latino Health and represented the PALH and AAPA at the National Hispanic Medical Association. She is also a member of the 2017 VHA Occupational Health NP/PA Mini-Residency Planning Committee.

Castillo emigrated to the USA with her family in 1971 and became a U.S. citizen in 1978. She began her work in healthcare at a local community health center (CHC) as a phlebotomist, and returned to practice as a PA at this same CHC after graduating from PA school.

She has always focused on the care of the less fortunate and those with both limited access to health care and limited financial resources. Castillo is also a role model for young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds who want to pursue careers in science and healthcare, and she has mentored new PAs to navigate contracts and career progression opportunities.

“I have been blessed by all the services and mentoring that I have been able to provide to my community, my patients, my former students and prospective PA students,” says Castillo. “If I had to choose a profession again, I would proudly choose to be a Certified PA.”