Ryan Young, PA-C

When you talk to Ryan Young, PA-C about his career, one thing becomes quickly clear: his driving force in life is a faith-based commitment to serve others.

As a Certified PA specializing in otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery, Young treats cases ranging from facial deformities, broken noses, cosmetic corrections or cancers related to the skin, on patients of all ages and backgrounds. He was one of the first PAs in private practice in New York’s Hudson Valley 18 years ago when most did not know the profession existed. Today, there are over 200 Certified PA’s serving this community.

Young is thorough in his routine examination of patients. Just recently, his examination of a patient seeking care for her nose revealed a small lump in her neck that turned out to be thyroid cancer. With a timely diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plan, the patient was declared cancer free. This outcome is not unusual in Young’s practice. "Ryan is passionate about his profession, and he is equally passionate about making a difference in the world, especially when it comes to being a positive influence on the lives of youth,” said supervising physician Dr. Manoj Abraham.

Outside a full-time career as a Certified PA, Young is founder and volunteer director of Camp Veritas, a faith-based summer camp held in New York, Maryland and Ireland that attracted about 1,400 teens and 400 volunteers in 2016. The catalyst to launch summer camps kindled from a sense of personal obligation to be the change he wants to see. He explained: “The world’s challenges are not somebody else's problem. If I am not going to act, how can I expect anybody else to?”

At the heart of all his endeavors is the desire to build deep relationships with people. “As a PA, we have a unique opportunity to see 20 to 25 patients for 20 minutes per day and to have that experience repeated over time,” he said. “What a unique privilege, blessing, and opportunity. I truly love my patients. I truly love my excellent, competent staff. During the time they have shared with me, I believe they know this.”

He added: “My faith is an integral part of my time as a PA. I’m able to serve my Lord everyday with every interaction I have with my patients. I have an employer I have worked with for over a decade who respects me as a provider and allows for tremendous autonomy.”

In his spare time, Young said he values spending time with his children, learning and growing along with each of his six children even as he and his wife prepare to welcome a seventh in October.

Young is also a published author, overseas missionary and active church member yet says he’s still open to taking on new projects. “The funny thing about being on this journey is that I never know what tomorrow will bring,” he said. “My life is not my own. It is the Lord’s. What an adventure He has given me!”