Shirisha Vallarapu, PA-C

Since Shirisha Vallarapu, PA-C, began working at Florida Skin Center 13 years ago, she’s demonstrated how valuable PAs are in patient care. Back then she was the first PA in the practice; today, she runs the main location in Ft. Myers. Her hard work and daily drive instilled confidence in her supervising physician and trust from her patients.

“Shirisha is an invaluable part of our practice,” says Aurora Badia, MD, founder of Florida Skin Center. “She treats her patients with dignity and care, and our staff have come to rely on her daily.”

Vallarapu sees approximately 30 patients per day for routine checks and procedures including biopsies, excisions, cryotherapy, laser treatments, fillers, Botox and even surgeries.

When she’s not treating patients in the office, Vallarapu visits local companies, schools and retirement communities to spread awareness on the importance of maintaining skin health and to explain how PAs are excellent partners in health care.

She also dedicates time to treating the underserved. For 10 years, she’s had a hand in orchestrating an annual children’s outreach event, Dermatology from the Heart, hosted by Florida Skin Center. They open their doors and deliver free dermatologic care to local children. They typically see over 100 underserved children every year and perform skin checks, treat warts, and give samples for acne and eczema. Vallarapu was also involved with Miles for Melanoma, a 5K walk to support melanoma research for which helped her organization raise $20,000.

Vallarapu’s impact is felt throughout the practice: “We don't know what we would do without her,” says Diana Gonzalez, practice administrator. “She has a positive, uplifting attitude each day when she comes to work, and that helps to inspire the team. She is a leader within our organization, and her first priority is patient care.”