Profiles of Certified PAs in Leadership

Kim Baker, PA-C

Kim Baker, PA-C, has distinguished herself as a leader in both clinical and administrative areas and “has raised the bar for what it means to be a PA within our health...

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David Hieber, PA-C

Dave Hieber, PA-C, worked in EMS during college, experience that cemented his path to PA school and the field of emergency medicine.

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Col. Terry Mathews, PA-C

Colonel Terry Mathews, PA-C serves as chief PA consultant to the United States Air Force Surgeon General.

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Martin Morales, MHA,   PA-C

When Martin Morales, MHA, PA-C, arrived at Northwell Health (previously Long Island Jewish Medical Center) 28 years ago, PAs held no megaphone to...

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Bob McMullen, EdD, PA-C

McMullen is a tireless, dedicated educator to the next generation of PAs at A.T. Still University in Mesa, AZ, where he is director of assessment...

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Abby Jacobson, PA-C

When physicians prepare for a pharmaceutical presentation or gather information to initiate a research study, they look to Abby Jacobson, PA-C, for her expertise...

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Donna Seton, PA-C

Seton provides critical end-of-life and advance care planning, engages in strategic interdisciplinary planning and has taken on a leadership role in education...

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Dan Frazee, PA-C

“I think that is I why I have been successful in practice and business—because I can multitask and enjoy doing multiple things,” he says. “That is what PAs...

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Sam Wijesinghe, DHSc, AAHIVS, PA-C

Dr. Sam Wijesinghe, DHSc, PA-C, felt compelled to enter the medical field when tragedy struck the life of his third-grade companion.

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Jennifer Conner, PA-C

Jennifer Conner, PA-C, strives to enhance the face of PAs in dermatology through meaningful patient interactions and service to the dermatology...

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Katharine Breaux, PA-C

The storied 40-year career of Katharine Breaux, PA-C, has been dedicated to managing the care of veterans. At the Houston VA, she is the longest-serving PA...

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Meredith Bannon, PA-C

In 2011, Ditty Bannon, PA-C, was among the very first hired at the newly-established oncology intensive care unit at Huntsman Cancer Hospital, a nationally-recognized...

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Major Karen Salyars,    PA-C

When asked why she loved being a PA in the Air Force, Salyars says it’s because she loves “caring for those who serve our country.”

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Keith Hustak, PA-C

Keith Hustak, PA-C, worked clinically in primary care and orthopaedic surgery for eight years, prior to deciding he had a different mission.

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Rick Rohrs, DFAAPA, SFHM, PA-C

“Richard C. Rohrs is one of the most accomplished leaders in the PA profession both on the state level as well as nationally,” says James F. Cawley, who...

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Krisi Gindlesperger, EdD, PA-C

Gindlesperger sits at the forefront of emergency medicine PAs, holding senior-level positions on several PA and specialty boards, and chartering educational programs that impact not only Certified PAs, but also other advanced care providers.

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Lyle Larson, PA-C

Lyle Larson is a Certified PA who has worked in cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery in a busy academic medical center for 30 years.

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Donald Clark, PA-C

Donald Clark, PA-C, makes access to comprehensive medical care convenient for his aging patients and extends care to underserved communities...

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